An unbeatable setting in the heart of Empordà

Plan every detail

The ceremony

So you've decided to get married in Empordà, at Mas Terrats. Congratulations! The first step is to decide what type of ceremony you want to commemorate your union: do you want a civil or a religious service? 

There are several churches, monasteries and chapels in the area around Mas Terrats where you can hold the event and for those who prefer an outdoor wedding, the possibilities are endless. In the gardens, on the lawn, under the solemn gaze of the olive trees, a more intimate ceremony in the woods or even in a field of corn, why not? At Mas Terrats you can get married however you like, we are open to your most original suggestions.

The wedding breakfast

At Mas Terrats we have all the equipment necessary for any type of food service. However, we have no exclusive agreements so you, and only you, will be the ones to decide on the type of banquet, the food and the cake. We work with the best catering services and suppliers who recognise and appreciate the facilities we provide so they can offer the best service.

Once you've set a date and prepared the guest list, it's time to decide what type of celebration you want, one that reflects your personality and is suitable for your tastes, family and budget.

The party

Mas Terrats is a unique little part of the world where you can get away from it all and celebrate your special day without rules or limitations. You will not be restricted in any way when it comes to enjoying the moment.

A DJ, swing band, string quartet or the town orchestra. Paso doble, waltzes, congas, hard rock or dance music. Or all of the above! At Mas Terrats, it's your party and we want you to enjoy every moment of it.

Everything your way

At Mas Terrats we help you to guarantee that everything goes to plan so you can enjoy your wedding without stress and without missing anything. Any detail that needs planning, from the decoration to the photos, is completely in your hands so your wedding will be as you've always dreamed.

We can recommend a wide range of trusted professionals who have worked at Mas Terrats so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs, with no obligation and with our quality guarantee.



You can find some ideas on our blog:

We are open to all your ideas and suggestions and will help you to bring them to life. Every couple and every wedding is unique. That's why we love it when we are constantly surprised by the new ideas you come up with for Mas Terrats.


Iris & Tomeu: a magic night - Chapter 2

Finally we have the second part of the interview awaited wedding night Iris & Tomeu. A magical night full of surprises!


Iris & Tomeu: a magic night - Chapter 1

We are very excited and pleased to bring you this post: Iris, one of the brides who chose Mas Terrats for her wedding, explains in detail how it was, how she lived the experience and how many surprises came up one after another, resulting in a one of the most beautiful, original and romantic weddings we've seen in Mas Terrats.


Wedding movies

Today we have a slightly different post.
A few days ago we saw an article in El País on how they have evolved wedding videos, becoming real movie. For those not to read it, it seems interesting enough to share with you. We take this opportunity to express our sincere admiration to all the artists and artisans of this medium. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do: